Start Hitting the Conversion Goals You Need to Grow Your Business.

Pay Per Click traffic is the best way to leverage against the inherent volatility and variance in organic search traffic. We strategically amplify the PPC budget to maintain a steady growth profile. To this end, we provide custom optimized PPC campaign management. The bullet points and chart below highlight the elements and advantages of the ClickResponse campaign strategy.

  • Leverage Organic SEO with Paid Traffic
  • Optimize Bidding
  • Review & Optimize Landing Page
  • Optimize Ad Copy
  • Select & Optimize Keywords
  • Implement Analytics & Reporting
  • Optimize AdWords Quality Score
  • Click Fraud Prevention
  • Personal account manager; your PPC is never automated
  • 30%-50% Increase in Click-to-Lead and Click-to-Sale conversion rates
  • Monitoring of Your Campaigns by a Search Marketing Professional
  • Detailed Conversion Reports Monthly, Weekly & Daily
  • Quarterly Web Marketing Reports

We have a proprietary suite of tools that we leverage to create dynamic, versatile, and ROI-driven eCommerce PPC Campaigns. Our eCommerce PPC Strategy is divided into 3 distinct parts.

Step 1: Discovery & Design

What is the competitive landscape?

What makes you a star?

What is your competitive advantage?

Step 2: Strategic Execution

Create Sophisticated CPA and ROI Driven Paid Search Campaign

Track and Measure Site Engagement, Conversions, and Demographics.

Step 3: Optimize. Profitable Expansion

Learn from mistakes. Yep, nothing is perfect. Optimize. Create Negative Keywords. And…

Embrace What Works. Lower CPA. Grow Conversions. Never Stop Innovating.

We would like to have an open dialogue and consultation with you to discuss what keywords and product offerings should be targeted. We will ask questions like

  • What are your highest-margin products?
  • What are your hottest-selling products with the fastest growth rate?
  • What are other areas of potential revenue growth?

The PPC campaign is another way to understand visitor behavior. For example, we can see the ‘sales funnel’ – the most commonly clicked webpages. We can set up analytics code on key pages on your website, such as the Contact Us Form page to measure ‘conversions’ and help demonstrate the ROI of PPC advertising. Then, we optimize the PPC campaign to have the ads target the most successful pages and not just the homepage.

By honing in on the proper keywords and search times, we properly and competitively bid critical keywords and grow traffic.

We will build many campaigns across many areas of the search network to increase impressions and maximize relevant clicks.

Google Search

These ads appear on google.com search results.

Text Ads – Using the product feed and our keyword research we create hundreds of ad groups that each focus on very specific products and the related keywords. We also experiment with more general ad groups, with ads that include pricing, ads with dynamic keyword insertion (DKI, where the keywords they search trigger the ad and the ad displays the keyword in the headline).

Product Listing Advertisements – Using the Google Merchant Services we create a product feed and bid campaign that serves up image-based product listings. Statistics show that clicks are highly relevant and conversion is high.

Display Network

Text Ads – While the content (copy) is similar to the Google Search text ads, there is a greater ability to do demographic targeting. We propose to focus on English-speaking women in the USA. We can even pare it down by topics to people with interests in fashion, shopping, clothes, jewelry, etc. We can also choose which types of websites the ads will be displayed on. This is called contextual targeting and display targeting.

Banner Ads – These have all the same targeting customization of text ads, except they are image ads that are designed. Great for creating impressions and adding flair to your PPC.

Remarketing – When people visit your site but don’t convert, a cookie is saved on your computer and as they surf the web, Adwords displays your ads for up to 30 days. This is a valuable ad-serving strategy to create impressions and lead to follow-up conversions.

Product Listing Ads (aka Google Shopping)

We work with you to create a custom product feed with all of the necessary fields in order to create an optimized PLA PPC campaign. Early evidence from 2012 and the first two quarters of 2013 demonstrate that the conversion rate of Product Listing Ads is significantly (8-28%) higher than traditional text and display ads. We believe there are several reasons for this jump in conversion rate, and this is a large part of the reason why we strongly advocate using Product Listing Ads for your eCommerce website:

  • They have a pretty picture!
  • They are on the top of the Search Engine Results Page.
  • They show the price.
  • They are more “attractive” than text ads on Google results pages.
  • Users assume these results are organic (even though they’re not) and so the cognitive dissonance of clicking on a paid ad is negated.

As we build the campaign, we want to work closely with you, because you know your products, services and customers better than anyone else.

Our PPC Campaign Managers are Adwords Certified and will use their wealth of experience to generate revenue growth and profit for your business. To learn more about our track record, please take a look at our diverse set of testimonials and case studies, or contact us today to receive a free consultation and proposal!