• Generate new leads and sales for your business. Guaranteed.
  • Leverage SEO + PPC to generate quality, relevant traffic.
  • Conversion Optimization through A/B Testing, Funnel Optimization, and Innovation + Best Practices

Here’s what we do:

Creating and managing successful lead generation campaigns is no easy task in today’s ever-changing landscape of online marketing. At Click Response we have over a decade of experience creating winning online strategies that drive traffic and turn visitors into customers. Your campaign will be designed according to your specific requirements and you pay only for qualified leads.

We’ll work with you to understand your target audience and determine the best campaign strategies for your particular online marketing objectives. You’ll be leveraging our industry expertise for every aspect of your campaign including creative, landing page layout techniques, and a call-to-action strategy that converts traffic to leads.

When your campaign is launched our online experts will use a variety of marketing tactics to drive traffic to your landing pages while maintaining a laser-like focus to find and deliver your target audience. As we closely monitor the progress of your campaign we’ll keep you up-to-date every step of the way. Best of all, you don’t need to purchase the tools and technology for creating your own marketing campaign infrastructure.

Custom Landing Pages

    • Incorporate your own art: Logos, headers; any graphic files you provide
    • Create or use your sales videos to increase conversion
    • Embed custom contact forms that pre-qualify your leads
    • A/B Testing to create the optimal variation of the page.

Here’s a sample landing page for a campaign we manage that has been securing high quality, converting leads on a weekly basis for almost a year!

Click to Enlarge.

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