If you don’t track conversions and other statistical data, you are flying blind.

As part of our search engine optimization services, we want all of our clients to have Google Analytics (GA) installed. Using this tool is a vital part of SEO optimization and is the core of quantifying results of all your SEO and PPC efforts.
  • Google Analytics provides first-hand demographic data.
  • It also provides behavioral statistics indicating what visitors do once on your website.
Knowing these things is a crucial part of driving qualified visitors to your site; creating not just visits but conversions. We also offer Google Analytics services as a standalone service, to add to an existing SEO or PPC campaign. We feel strongly that you need this information whether or not you are using our PPC and SEO services.

Google Analytics Services from Click Response

  • Installation: We provide expert installation to ensure proper data tracking.
  • Tracking Setup: We can set up Google Analytics so that it’s tracking appropriate data and providing the information you need. This can include sub-domains, cross-domain tracking (like a separate landing page or shopping cart plugin)
  • Conversion Goal Setup: We set up conversion goals so you know which searches and traffic actually generate business.
  • Integration: We integrate Google Analytics with our proprietary organic SERP results reporting control panel.
  • Troubleshooting: If Google Analytics is not working, we troubleshoot the problem and get things fixed immediately.

Web-Based Reporting Control Panel

For the best SEM results, you need access to the most effective technology and analytics. To this end, we have made a significant investment in new and proprietary reporting and analysis tools. As a ClickResponse client, you will receive dashboard access to on-line information about your campaign. Log in anytime to check key statistics like

:•Keyword ranking by keyword, search volume, value, and more• Ranking history for any date range• Ranking comparison with any past date•Actual click-throughs on ranking keywords

Number of backlinks

Page Rank and Page Rank history

Twitter references to your site

•…and more.

Real Clicks on ReportingSEO Ranking Report

Current Keyword Rankings:View your site’s ranking for all of your campaign keywords at a glance!
Analytics Shows Real Clicks on Your Keywords: As you can see in the image below, actual user click-throughs might not match even the best professional estimates. We combine Analytics data with our reporting tools to show you the real thing.
Historical Performance:Monitor ranking history and watch your page rank increase!